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What is the role of a qrc?

In the state of Minnesota many injured workers are entitled to Statutory Rehabilitation Services. If an injured worker’s total disability exceeds 13 weeks, a registered Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant (QRC) is either assigned by the employer / insurer or chosen by the injured worker. Injured workers can choose their own independent QRC at no cost to them.

The QRC is governed by a plethora of statutes and regulations and is required to act as a neutral party. The QRC has the responsibility of developing and implementing a rehabilitation plan that is focused on returning the worker to suitable employment. QRCs communicate with all parties in a workers’ compensation claim, including the employee, doctors, the employer, the insurance adjuster, the insurer’s attorney, and the employee’s attorney if one has been retained.


  • Assess employee experience, education, and transferable skills for reemployment.
  • Conduct vocational testing to evaluate individual’s skills, aptitudes, and interests.
  • Develop comprehensive vocational rehabilitation plan.
  • Identify suitable employment opportunities based on skills and work restrictions.
  • Actively facilitate job development and placement activities.
  • Provide tailored job application and interview skills training.
  • Develop professional resume supporting key vocational goals outlined in rehabilitation plan.
  • Complete on-site vocational evaluation and assessment.
  • Educate injured workers on Minnesota workers’ compensation system.
  • Navigate Minnesota Department of Labor & Industry vocational statutes and rules.
  • Contact employers for labor market survey information.
  • Develop retraining plan to support vocational goals.
  • Provide continued encouragement and motivation to achieve stated vocational goals.
  • Manage and facilitate vocational communication with all appropriate parties.
  • Monitor ongoing developments and generate monthly progress reports.
  • Provide expert testimony, as required.
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We will assess your situation and develop a comprehensive rehabilitation plan to provide the guidance and tools necessary for your specific vocational needs.

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